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Antworten auf Ihre Fragen

How often does United Tips of America meet and where?

United Tips of America chapters throughout New Jersey are free to set their own meeting times. But generally, our chapter groups meet every other week on an agreed upon day from 11:55am - 1:00pm. Each chapter also meets at a different restaurant local to it's geographic proximity. Check our chapter directory for locations of meetings.

Is my attendance at meetings important?

Yes! Your attendance at meetings is critically important to the success of our group. Our model puts a great deal of emphasis on getting to know our other members and what kind of leads or clients they prefer. It is also very important that our members are comfortable with each other. Our members gain a trust in one another. One of the pillars of our group is the emphasis placed on the skill of public speaking. Public speaking comes into play in all of our business dealings. When doing a presentation, it is important that your speaking and presenting skills are up to par. It could be the difference between getting that work or failing. And so your attendance is important for this reason as well.

Are "TIPS" qualified and how?

Tips are so important to our organization, that they are meticulously tracked and members are accountable to provide a certain number each month on average. The "TIPS" provided by our members to other members are required to be "qualified". A "qualified" tip is a lead that is expecting a communication from a certin group member. A TIP must meet the following criteria in order to be counted:

  1. Must be in the market for a specified product or service that is provided by the receiving member.
  2. Must be expecting a communication from the receiving member.
  3. Must be given in good faith by the "Tipster"
There is a protion of each meeting dedicated for testimonials from members regarding the treatment and service they received or was received by the TIP itself. These serve to add further credibility to the TIP system.

What is my financial investment to be a member of United Tips Of America

There are only two parts to this equation. One is paying for lunch at your chapter eatery. Lunch will set you back $15.00 each day, paid directly to the designated member of the group in cash or a check, paid directly to the restaurant. Our philosophy is, everyone needs to eat lunch each day. Why not have lunch at a great place and leave with some tips to follow up on? Dues for United Tips Of America are $50.00 per quarter and are invoiced. If you are a veteran of these types of business networking groups, you are acutely aware of how expensive they can be to join. Other groups require dues of $250.00 per quarter. That's it!

What is included in my membership in United Tips of America?

Your dues go directly towards:

  1. Maintaining all aspects of the Organization.
  2. Maintenance of the organizational web site and all associated costs.
  3. Marketing and recruiting of new members.
  4. Maintaining member's individual member web pages
  5. Maintenance and recording of organizational records.

What happens at United Tips of America Meetings

Meetings at United Tips of America are strictly managed in order to be effective and worth the time of our members. They start out at: 11:45AM - Members get their meal and sit down. There are no assigned seats. Seating is on a first-come basis. Eating and socialization occurs during this time. 12:00PM - The meeting starts in earnest, Pledge of Allegiance is recited. Chapter business is conducted. 12:15PM - The Lightning Round occurs, members are offered the floor for a :30 "elevator speech", times are strictly enforced by the Master-At-Arms. 12:30PM - Featured Member presentation. 4 minutes are allotted for this presentation. 12:35PM - Outside presentation - Usually a speaker who can bring value to the group. This will be limited to seven minutes. 12:42PM - Testimonials and witness presentations. :30 seconds maximum.
12:49PM - TIPS ARE EXCHANGED 12:59PM - Entertain motion to adjourn!

Is there a dress code for meetings?

Dress code is business casual, or what is acceptable in your industry.

Are categories "exclusive" for members?

Yes! If you are a realtor and that category is open you should apply to claim your category in the group. If your category is filled, you may still apply, but will be placed on the waiting list for that category in the group. If the category you desire is filled, you have the option of starting a group of your own, franchise opportunities exist for new United Tips of America Chapters in our area including United Tips of Wayne, West Milford and more. Please inquire as to new chapter opportunities. That being stated, the fact that TriBoro Tips represents an exclusive opportunity. Continued membership in TriBoro Tips is dependent on tip performance, attendance and overall benefit to the group. Membership is on a quarterly basis and dues are billed on a quarterly basis.

Does UTA have a strict attendance policy?

United Tips of America – Attendance Policy Version 1.0 July 2021

The most basic thing we can do to grow any United Tips of America chapter is to actually attend the meetings. When we attend meetings we make connections. When we make connections, we make sales. And you all know when we make sales we make $ MONEY $.

But only if you actually attend meetings!

This attendance policy will reflect our commitment to holding our members accountable for their attendance as the number one priority in our organization.


After inquiring and discussing with our dedicated members it was agreed that a minimum attendance percentage would be established.

◦ Members are required to attend 75% of scheduled meetings going forward.

◦ Members are encouraged to send a substitute in their absence. This will not count against a member’s attendance %.

◦ After two consecutive absences at meetings a warning will be issued.

◦ After 3 consecutive absences at meetings the category will be opened up for claiming by another business.

◦ The schedule for the group’s meetings will be distributed by email in December for 2022. The remainder of 2021 will be distributed at the reading of this policy.

Meeting attendance will be published in our minutes and distributed after each group meeting.

◦ Absences will be reported at the start of each meeting by the President of the chapter publicly indicating member standing.